IS clear water centrifugal pump

  • IS series pumps are single stage single suction (axial suction) centrifugal pumps, suitable for industrial and urban water supply and drainage, can also be used for agricultural irrigation and drainage. It is used for transporting other liquids with clear water or physical and chemical properties similar to clear water. The temperature is not higher than 80 degrees.

Brief introduction 

1.IS series are single stage(axial inhalation)centrifugal pumps,suitable for industrial and city applications such as water supplying,draining,and also can be used for agriculture irrigation and drainage.It is suitable for converying clear water or the others chemical and physical liquids whose characteristic is non-aggressive and similar to the clean water.The max Temperature of Fluid is up to +80℃.
2.IS series performances cope: (Calculated by the designed point)
Speed: 2900r/min and 1450r/min 
Inlet diameter: 50-200mm
Capacity: 6.3-400m3/h
Head: 5-125m
3.Choice of the pump:when the consumer choosing the specification of the water pump,the following notes should be paid attention.
The capacity of the chosen water pump should be less than the normal water capacity of the well or the others water source.And the low water season factor should be considered properly.
Head of the chosen water pump should be according to the practical needed delivery lift,and the pipeline loss of the water pump should be considered.
When choosing the water pump,the installation height of the water pump should be considered,that is the length of perpendiculars between inhaled liquid level and water pump axes should be lesser than the assigned height of the pump. 






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