AY single two-stage centrifugal oil pump

  • AY series single-stage and two-stage centrifugal oil pump is reformed and redesigned on the basis of the old Y-type oil pump series. It is a new product developed to meet the needs of modernization and to adapt to the new generation of energy-saving equipment as soon as possible. AY series single-stage and two-stage......

Model specification:

50 ay Ⅱ 60 x 2 b, 250 ays Ⅲ 150 c

50,250 -- suction inlet diameter (mm)

A-- subrenovation Y-- centrifugal oil pump

S-- the impeller is double suction

Ⅱ, Ⅲ - over-current parts parts material code: Ⅰ class for HT250, Ⅱ class of ZG230-450, Ⅲ ZGCr13Ni class.

60,150 -- single-stage head (m) 2-- series

B, C-- number of impeller cutting, in order of A, B Said.

Performance range:

traffic : 2.5 ~ 600m3/h

lift : 30 ~ 330m

The temperature: 45 ~ 420 ℃

AY type oil pump can be used in petroleum refining, petrochemical and chemical industries and other places to transport petroleum, LPG and other media without solid particles.


Product overview:

AY series single two stage centrifugal pumps are modified and redesigned on the basis of the old Y series. It is a new product developed to meet the needs of modernization and adapt to the new generation of equipment centering on energy conservation as soon as possible. It has the following characteristics:

1. The bearing body part USES the original 35,50,60 bearing body with 45, 555 and 70 bearing body respectively, which improves the reliability.

2. The hydraulic model of energy saving pump is adopted in the hydraulic over-flow part, with an average efficiency of 5-8% higher than that of the old y-type oil pump.

3. In order to maintain the inheritance, the structure type, installation size and performance parameter range of AY type oil pump should be the same as Y type oil pump, which is convenient for the new renovation of the old equipment.

4. High degree of universalization of parts, and common standard parts are Shared by several series of products.

5, select material refining, the subject is given priority to with Ⅱ, Ⅲ materials, bearing body parts, such as increasing for cast steel, cast iron, for cold area of cold region, dew, outdoor use, Marine provides favorable conditions.

6. Bearing air cooling, fan cooling and water cooling are selected according to the different operating temperatures of the pump. The cooling fan is especially suitable for areas with water shortage or poor water quality


Structural features:

AY series single two stage centrifugal pumps are divided into single stage single suction and double suction cantilever type, single stage double suction and double suction double support type, double stage double suction and double support type.

The radial component of the shell is especially suitable for conveying high temperature and flammable, explosive or toxic liquids. Its installation method is horizontal center line support. Both the inlet and outlet flanges of the pump are cast on the pump body and are vertically upward. The bearing chamber (stuffing box) and pump cover are cast into one, which can be filled with packing seal and balance type, bellows type, series type mechanical seal. Shaft seal chamber was available to the outside jacket water cooling chamber, water cooling cavity with must be a special request or when the medium for water temperature over 66 ℃, and hydrocarbon temperature over 150 ℃.

The impeller is cast as a whole, and the pump's axial force is mainly balanced by the impeller's balancing hole.

Bearing body suit of radial ball bearing and a set of installation of back to back thrust ball bearing, its bearing adopts the oil slinger thin oil lubrication, bearing the body surface with heat sink, for air cooling (T < 120 ℃), also can choose fan cooling (T = 120 ℃ -- 260 ℃) and water cooling (T = 260 ℃- 420 ℃).

In order to easily remove the impeller, shaft, bearing, shaft seal and other parts without disassembling the suction or discharge pipeline during pump maintenance, AY type oil pump adopts flexible diaphragm type lengthened coupling part.





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